Funded project

As a member of ECOPolis Accredited Innovative Cluster, our company applied for the GOP-2011-1.3.1 „Support of the complex technological innovation of accredited cluster member companies” tender source within the framework of New Szechenyi Plan on 23 December, 2011.

Project details:

"Name of the project: Automated, foolprof and energy saving drying technology development of Devecseri Agrokemia Trade and Service Ltd."

The project was found worthy for support by the Managing Authority. The grant agreement between the MAG – Hungarian Economic Development Centre Ltd. and the Devecseri Agrokemia Ltd. was signed on 23 May, 2012.

Main parameters of the project:

  • Total cost:       678 167 525 HUF
  • Eligible cost:  621 737 825 HUF  
  • Amount for R&D activities: 37 976 349 HUF
  • Amount of grant: 243 655 130 HUF – 207 106 860 HUF financed from the European Union European Regional Development Fund; 36 548 270 HUF financed from the Hungarian state budget.
  • Start date of the investment project: 19 July, 2012
  • Planned completion date: 31 July, 2013

The project includes the following items:

  • 2 PETKUS-4000 series tower dryers with the attached receiving chambers, material handling equipments, grain cleaners, dust chambers and placed in storage technology
  • reconstruction of the storage system of the already existing 15 000 tons silo
  • 2 1200 square meters flat bottom grain storages with a storage capacity of 4000 tons/piece with discharge trolley
  • office building – scale house, lab space and social spaces
  • 60 tons, 18 metres road ramp weightbridge scales
  • establishment of the necessary infrastructure (asphalt road, gravel road, square centre, drainage ditches, natural gas receiver, gas pipelines and electricity networks)
  • loaders ( 1 wheel loader, 1 forklift)
  • R&D activity (increased fire safety drying process in energy saving mode, increased homogenity of the crop )

This technology is established and linked directed to the 15 000 tons capacity grain storage silo which was built on our site five years ago. The dual objective of the planned investment are partly to increase the efficiency of the crop sector of our company and on the other hand to achieve better balance between the unit price given to the farmers who carry out crop production and the quality. In order to reach these goals we use the most advanced type of drying equipments, granary building and material selection technologies that exist today in Europe.


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